What is Habit Change Coaching?

The Habit Change Coaching Method is about facilitating lasting transformation for health and well-being. It's about helping clients make positive changes in their lives that ultimately support their well-being.

If you've come to the conclusion that effort produces failure then Habit Coaching could be for you. This method is different from other forms of coaching. because it focuses on lasting transformation. Habits are not just something you do, they actually become who you are.

I work with your intrinsic motivation to install new healthy habits that become part of your identity. Stepping back and identifying what your self-defeating habits are is one of the first steps of the change process.

This is true behaviour change. With every behaviour, you are casting a vote for who you want to be. When that happens, making healthy choices becomes automatic. When we make change on an identity level, follow-through becomes automatic. The habits that create our best life become non-negotiable; not through discipline or willpower or punishment/reward loops but simply because it's who we are.

In a nutshell, health is not something you do, it's who you are. I help my clients to let go of dysfunctional beliefs that are no longer serving them and help them to choose what they want to believe and who they want to be.

Habit Change Coaching helps my clients to get a an even deeper understanding of themselves, gain self-acceptance and discover how to say yes to themselves with courage, clarity and confidence. My clients learn to take empowered action by setting up accountability for their health and well-being and support which sets them up for inevitable success.

Habit Change is not just an event it's a process. Change happens at three levels: behaviour, belief and identity. Without addressing all three levels, change won't stick.

Healthy habits are the number one determinant of our quality of life. When we change a habit we change the course of our life. Most of us, have a pretty good idea of some important changes that we would like to make in our lifestyle but the power of habit keeps pulling us back.

My approach is not about quick fixes, it's about lasting change which is why I only offer 90 day programs.
I will show you how to unwind self-defeating behaviours and patterns and stabilise new healthy habits that last.