Motherhood creates enormous changes that are demanding to cope with. It is a time of great adjustment for both men and women and isn’t always the source of great joy and happiness that people expect.

Becoming a mother, no matter how prepared you think you are, can still be a shock. Childbirth can be traumatic and  just occasionally life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan.

There is no single cause or explanation  for postnatal depression. It can surface at any time within the first year or so of life and again with subsequent children. Postnatal depression happens. It is a fact of life. One mother in ten will be experiencing it right now.

A combination of different factors and possibilities can explain why it occurs. Old childhood memories can resurface and influence the present.

Some mothers have unrealistically  high expectations.

Others experience a loss of identity, sleeplessness, have daily stress overload and coupled with relationship and role changes, feel overwhelmed emotionally and physically.

If you are currently pregnant or have had a baby within the last year, you may be feeling far from happy right now.

Perhaps you feel anxious, tearful or angry. Or maybe you are lacking in energy, motivation and  experiencing feelings of guilt and a sense of inadequacy. You may feel isolated, trying hard to cope alone and experiencing frightening thoughts and feelings.

If you suspect or recognise that postnatal depression may be affecting you or your partner you can get help now.

When postnatal depression is ignored, or remains undiagnosed and untreated, it may last longer and become more severe over time.

My aim is to help you quickly and easily get the support you need.You will discover how you can take back control over your life and break free from the effects of postnatal depression.

It’s never too late to be the proud, happy parent that you deserve to be.


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“There may be peace without joy, and joy without peace, but the two combined make happiness”
John Buchan